Complete High-speed Speaker and Material Testing


Loudspeaker Testing:

Standard "Full Sphere" measurements:
5 degree Resolution Per Item: $1350
2.5 and 1 Degree resolutions available: Call for Pricing
(Quantity discounts available)

Additional Testing:

Simple GLL: Free
Complex GLL (multiple speakers)$700
Standard measurement plus:
Per Driver: 5 deg $300, 2.5deg $450,1deg $700
Complex Line array with physical measurements: Call for pricing
Power Testing: Call for pricing
Distortion Testing: Call for Pricing
GSS Conversion: Call for pricing

Other Charges:

Speaker box with parallel top and bottom:
No setup charge.
4 pi mounting: $150 fee per mount.
NWAA Labs will provide an estimate for speakers that need special mountings
We also offer Preformatted Graphs that are designed to be used in data sheets. They are saved in vector format for ease of enlargement and reduction:
$150 per set<br?>.

Materials Testing:

ASTM-E90 or ISO-140 Transmission Loss:
Per Item: $850 with report plus cost of fill wall if necessary
ASTM-C-423 or ISO-354: Absorption coefficient:
Per Item: $850 with report
Diffusion Balloon:
Per Item: $1350

Other Charges:

There is a charge of $100 dollars for Type"A" Mounting
All other Mountings will have an estimate provided by NWAA Labs


Microphone Array
Microphone Array
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